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What can I do if my phone's power is turning on and off frequently?

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  • Last Updated 19/05/2015

What can I do if my phone's power is turning on and off frequently?



cause Cause


          ■ When power turns on and off frequently, it can be due to software and hardware errors.



how to fix How to fix


          ■ Software
            - Most of the power off errors can be due to software. Android devices are designed to reset

              power automatically when processors  do not respond for a certain period of time to protect

              the system.

            - Widget
errors during use, or installation of too many apps (more than 20) can cause freezing

              or the power to turn off.

            - If the
error occurs after running an application, delete the app.

              * How to delete

                 [Menu] → [Settings] → [Application] → [Downloads] → Delete installed application.

            -  Check if the
software is the latest version. If not, upgrade on LG Mobile website.

            -  When
battery is hot (higher than 60℃), smart phones may turn off.
            Close all running programs and others on background (auto sync) and try again

               after cooling the smart phone.



          ■ Hardware 

            - Power may turn off due to disconnection between the battery and cell phone.
Stains or loose smart phone ports can be the cause.

              Clean ports with a dry cloth or remove battery and put it back in. Turn on power and check.


              Impact or water damage can also cause power error.

             This is something that would need to be viewed/repaired by a professional.

             Try booking a service online, or speaking to our customer services team.

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