Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor

Reduce Your Energy Waste

Sense provides detailed, real-time, and historical data about your energy use and solar
production in both dollars and kWh so you can better understand what contributes to your electric bill, track down energy hogs and reduce overall energy waste.

Power Meter View

Sense tells you exactly how much energy you’re producing, using, and selling back to the
grid, using continuous monitoring and a live device list. Walk around the house, turn devices on and off and watch them register on the power meter. Get a visual representation of your device’s energy efficiency using the Bubble view.

Smart Alerts & Custom Notifications

Create custom alerts to notify you when things unexpectedly turn on or off or remain on for too long. Use it to unobtrusively monitor an elderly parent or a second home, or just check in on your own home to make sure you turned the oven off or unplugged the iron.

Trend Insights

Don’t wait until the end of the month to see how you’re doing — track by day, week, month, or billing cycle and see what patterns emerge. By offering handheld access to your efficiency profile, Sense helps you shift your power usage to peak production periods, reducing overall energy waste.