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NeoChef - Overcooking or Undercooking

Troubleshooting Cooking Appliances Last Updated 05/09/2018
NeoChef - Overcooking or Undercooking
  1. Cook time & Power Level

    When the proper cooking time and power levels are not used, the Neochef can result in undercooking or overcooking of your food.

    Power Level Use



    • Boiling water.
    • Browning ground beef.
    • Making candy.
    • Cooking poultry pieces, fish and vegetables.
    • Cooking tender cuts of meats.




    • Reheating rice, pasta and vegetables.




    • Reheating prepared foods quickly.
    • Reheating sandwiches.




    • Cooking egg, milk and cheese dishes.
    • Melting chocolate.




    • Cooking veal.
    • Cooking whole fish.
    • Cooking puddings and custard.




    • Cooking ham, whole poultry and lamb
    • Cooking rib roast and sirloin tip.




    • Thawing meat, poultry and seafood.




    • Cooking less tender cuts of meat.
    • Cooking pork chops and roasts.




    • Taking chill out of fruit.
    • Softening butter.




    • Keeping casseroles and main dishes warm.
    • Softening butter and cream cheese.




    • Standing Time. (Only available on LMC2075** models)


  2. Half well cooked, half undercooked.

    The cooking result will change when using for a long time continuously to protect internal delicate parts of the food. It is not a malfunction. This is a common characteristic of the Inverter microwave technology. If the food is undercooked, please set a longer time.

  3. Food covered with plastic or wrap.

    • Always use microwavable containers and cover them with lids or vented plastic wrap.

    • Avoid using tight-sealing plastic covers. They can prevent steam from escaping and cause food to overcook.

    • Fill containers with food at least half full for best results.

    • Ensure that the outside of the cooking container and the inside of the microwave oven are dry before placing food in the oven. Beads of moisture turning into steam can mislead the sensor.

    When using sensor cook, sensor cook will detect the best cooking time using the steam from the food. If the food is not as hot as want, use normal time cook to add more heat.

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