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UE Error Code - Top Load Washer

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washers Last Updated 01/20/2017
UE Error Code - To Load Washer

The uE or UE code is not an error; it is a quick indication that your washer has an unbalanced load distribution inside the drum.

When the washer displays uE, it attempts to self-balance the load up to 3 trials. If the self-balance attempt fails after the three trials, it will switch to the UE code. At this point, the washer needs your assistance to balance the load evenly.

Choose either of the following options:

If the weight of the items inside of the drum is not evenly distributed, the uE or UE code will appear. Depending on the type of load being washed, different steps should be taken to ensure this error code does not appear.

  1. Small Loads:
    • Add a few items to distribute the weight.
    • Reduce Spin Speed to Low or No Spin on Small Loads.

  2. Mixed Fabric Loads:
    • Wash similar fabric types together, such as Jeans with Jeans and Towels with Towels.

  3. Type of Load:
    • Use Bulky/Large Cycle for such items as rugs, comforters, sheets, blankets and pillows.
    • Reduce Spin Speed to Low or No Spin.
    • Manually redistribute the load.

Adjusting the level and position of the drum of your washing machine is easy, kindly follow the steps below:

Remember to always perform your TubClean Cycle at least once in a month, this will keep your machine in maximum performance. Click the button below to view our video on how to perform a TubClean Cycle.
How to Perform TubClean Cycle

Author - Sanmi Ajanaku

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