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Smart Share Downloads

Operation Commercial TVs, Healthcare TVs, Hospitality TVs, TVs Last Updated 05/13/2016
Smart Share Downloads

Click Here to Find/Download the Smart Share App That is Best for You

(download determined by the operating system of the device that you are currently viewing this page on)

Choose Your Own Smart Share Download

Download LG's Smart Share program (Ver. 33), available for Windows.
Download for Windows

Need help Downloading, Installing, Setting Up, and Using the Smart Share PC Software?
Learn more

Note: LG's Smart Share program is not available for MAC users, please use Plex Media Server (listed below).

Some users may prefer Plex Media Server. This option should generally only be used if you are familiar with Plex, and wish to continue using it, or if you are a MAC user.

Windows MAC

Android Download the LG TV SmartShare-webOS program, available for Android.

iOS Download LG TV Remote for iPhone or iPad. Compatible TVs will allow file sharing with Smart Share.

Learn More

We do not make a dedicated Linux application that supports Smart Share. However, there are several guides available online to help setup file sharing.

Simply perform a search for Linux DLNA, and choose the option that works best for you.

Google Bing Yahoo

Looking for help setting up and using the Smart Share App on your TV?

Just click this button, then enter your model number.

LG TVs Support

Smart Share Smartshare Download File Sharing Plex Nero MacOS Android iOS

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