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Game battery saver option_G6

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  • Last Updated 03/04/2017

  Game battery saver option

This is a function that saves battery power by controlling the resolution of the screen while you run high-quality games.

How to use the Game battery saver option?

  • Enable the Game battery saver option from Settings > General tab > Battery & power saving > Game battery saver.
  • Select the option.  For Custom select the game and custom Resolution and Frame rate settings.
  • To apply the changed settings completely close (Clear All from Recent Apps) and relaunch the app(s).


Extended and Maximum option apply global rules for all apps.  You can select Custom rules for individual apps as needed.
Adjusting the Frame Rate and Video resolution may have a noticeable affect on the quality of the picture.
If the game does not run normally, or when the screen flickers or slows down, increase resolution and/or frame rate in game battery saver.  
Refresh button updates game app list.

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