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No audio

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  • Last Updated 30/05/2016

No audio


Pleas check below details if TV has video but no audio.

1. TV sound volume is set to “0”

2. TV is set to “Mute“

3. TV speaker is set to “off”

※ No audio although TV sound setting is normal,

When using a set-top box, check if set-top box sound volume is set to “0”, or “Mute”.

TV mute, volume                                  Set-top box mute, volume

(bottom center or right of the screen)  (center or top of the screen)

How to fix

Check TV audio setting

[Setting menu] [Setting] [Audio] [Sound out] [TV speaker]

2012~2013 smart TV 

[Smart] or [Setting menu] [Setting] [Sound] [Sound out] [TV speaker]

 [Home] or [Setting menu] [Setting] [Advanced setting] [Sound] [Sound out] [TV speaker]

- Sound test

 2012~2013 smart TV

 [Smart] or [Setting menu] [Support] [Sound test]