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Magic Remote Pairing Issue

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  • Last Updated 04/09/2018





■ Symptom

 Magic Remote controller does not operate except power button (Magic Remote control cursor is not shown, button does not work)




When you do not use the Magic Remote, the 'Disconnect' function is activated and the previous setting value is applied.



Guide 1 : How to troubleshoot problems before updating the software version


1) Unplug the TV power cord and plug the power cord back (AC off / on)


     - After AC off / on, check whether the pointer of Magic remote control is visible.


Guide 2 : How to troubleshoot with software version update function


1) Software version update


     ① The Software version update will be done from the mid of July to the mid of August.

         (Schedule of software version update varies by model)


     ② When the software version is updated, the problem symptoms can be solved fundamentally


2) Prepare the software version update


     ① Press and hold the [Setting] button for about 2 ~ 3 seconds with

         the TV magic remote control , Go to [All Settings] menu.

     ② In the [All Settings] -> [General] -> [About This TV]

         -> [Allow Automatic Updates], Please enable the function.

     ③ If the [Allow automatic updates] function is enabled,

         from the mid of July to the mid of August

         The update will proceed automatically


     ④ The software update takes about 10 minutes.

         (You can watch TV during update)


3) After completing the software update, turn the TV off and then on again


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