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How to setup Universal Control on your LG TV Magic Remote

How to setup Universal Control on your Magic Remote

You can use your LG TV magic remote to control other compatible devices in your home. You don't need to keep multiple remote controls for your setup box, home theater or soundbar. Use any of the options below to program your LG TV magic remote as a universal remote control.

Universal control only works on LG TV MAGIC REMOTES ONLY. It is not applicable to standard remotes

  • MAGIC remote controls have a trackball trackball in its center and displays like a computer mouse's pointer on the TV screen.

  • STANDARD remote controls are flat, and they do NOT display a movable pointer on the screen.

  1. Video Guide

    Follow the guidelines in the video below to configure your universal remote control.

  2. Interactive Guide

    We have a complete interactive guide installed on your TV that explains universal remote control.

    • From the Home menu, navigate to GUIDE or TROUBLESHOOT depending on your TV model.

    • Select How to operate TV, choose Universal Remote Control.

    • Follow the instructions from the guide to set up your universal remote.

    You can also use the web version from your computer. This web version may not work on some older browsers. If you have difficulties, follow explanations in OPTION 3.

    interative guide
  3. Initial setup for universal control.

    • On the magic remote, press home HOME, then select press DEVICE CONNECTOR.

    • From here, the prompt is very easy to follow. Select the device you want to setup from the provided list. If the type of your device is not available, you will need to contact the manufacturer to ask if it supports universal control with LG magic remote.

      select your device
    • Select corresponding INPUT port, manufacturer, service provided or required information about the device and press NEXT.

    • Now this is the tricky part. You will see Remote Type 1 on the screen. Use the cursor/pointer to test the functions of buttons displayed directly on the screen. For example, Power, Play, Pause, Chanel Up, Volume Down. Check to see if pressing each of them FROM THE SCREEN will control the connected device.

      remote type 1

      NOTE: Do not press the button on the remote, use the cursor/pointer to press from on the screen.

    • If the buttons do not perform the expected function, continue to another remote type, select Remote Type 2 and used the cursor to test the functions again.

      remote type 2
    • One of the remote types should control your external device correctly. If not, you will need to contact your device manufacturer to provide us their configuration code for your device.

    • Proceed to next step, and the remaining options are options to make your universal control smarter. You can now start enjoying your universal remote control.

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