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LG Blu-ray - Standard Remote

  • Setup and Connections
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  • Last Updated 12/06/2014
LG Blu-ray - Standard Remote LG Blu-ray - Standard Remote

Know Your Remote
Battery Installation

Know Your Remote

We're sure you know a lot of what your remote does. And, in fact, while some LG remotes may differ in appearance, their functionality is similar. To learn about all of the buttons and their functions, look at the description below. (BP530 & BP330)

BP330/530 Remote Control

POWER Switches the player ON or OFF.
OPEN/CLOSE Opens and closes the disc tray.
Numeric Buttons Selects numbered options in a menu.
CLEAR Removes a number when setting the password or network connection.
REPEAT Repeats a desired section or sequence.
Player Control 78 Scan: Searches backward or forward.
9: Skip: Goes to the next or previous chapter / track /file.
< Stop: Stops playback.
4Play: Starts playback.
; Pause: Pauses playback.
HOME Displays the HOME page.
TITLE/POPUP Displays the DVD title menu or BD-ROM pop-up menu, if available.
INFO/MENU Displays or exits On-Screen Display.
Navigation Arrows Selects an option in the menu.
ENTER/OK Acknowledges menu selection.
BACK Exits the menu or returns to the previous screen.
* This button is not available.
DISC MENU Accesses menu on a disc.
Colored (R, G, Y, B) buttons: Use to navigate BD-ROM menus. They are also used as shortcut buttons for specific menus.
TV Control Buttons: Controls basic TV functions.

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Battery Installation

Battery Installation
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