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I Can't remove the Crisper draw from My Door in Door fridge, What can i do?

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  • Last Updated 25/07/2013

LG Door in Door fridge design requires the removal of the door shelves prior to the removal of the right hand crisper draw.


The following series of photos and notes help depict the required task.


1/ Door shelves prevent Crisper removal


2/ Place hand on bottom of door shelves


3/ Grip side of shelf assembly for support and push up firmly to unlock door shelves


4/ Remove the shelf assembly out of way and place down carefully where they won't be tripped over or damaged.


5/ Crisper draw can now be easily removed for cleaning by pulling forward till it stops then lifting the front and pulling the rest of the way out.


6/ Draw removed


7/ Re-install in reverse order.


If you encounter any problems while trying to remove the crisper draw please contact LG Customer care on 1300 LG CARE (1300 54 2273) in Australia and 0800 LG CARE (0800 54 2273) in New Zealand and the consultants can help you further with your enquiries. Please have model numbers ready for ease of consultation.

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