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[Refrigerator] Ice maker not dispensing Ice

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  • Last Updated 24/07/2014


Why the ice maker may not dispense ice





1. If excessive water is supplied to the ice maker,

    ice cubes can stick to each other and cannot be dispensed due to their physical size.

2. Freezer temperature is to warm so ice partially melts during defrost and clumps back together when it refreezes.

3. There is no ice to dispence


How to fix


The ice maker water fill time can be altered on some plumbed models where the ice cubes are too large. Please refer to the user manual to determine if 

the model you have can be changed by the user or if it needs an authorised service provider for altering. Please ensure the freezer target temperature

is -19 degrees or cooler for effective ice making. No ice in the ice maker can be the result of poor water flow to the ice maker or freezer temps are too warm.



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