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[Refrigerator] Poor water flow or bad tasting water and ice

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  • Last Updated 24/07/2014


Poor water flow or bad tasing water and Ice.





If water has not be flushed sufficiently after installing the product or the filter has not been replaced

as per its expiry or usage span, or dispenser has not been used for a long time,

foreign materials can be found.


How to fix


Filter replacement cycle:
    it is recomended to replace the filter every 6 months.

     ☞ After replacing filter, let water run for 1.5 liters before using.

         To remove any residual activated carbon, press the dispenser button for 3 minutes

          to purge the water flow before using.

         (Activated carbon is non-toxic to human body.)


1. If foreign materials are found or the water taste is bad, even though the filter has been replaced regularly,

    contact an authorised service provider.

2. Pollution can spread through the water pipe.

    Clean in order of water inlet → water valvefilterwater tank or replace.



(above diagram not applicable to all models)

※ Contact the service provider when foreign materials are found after replacing filter.




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