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  • Last Updated 31/03/2017




Water leaks even if the unit is off or without power.

- Check the inlet connection for leaks.

   If water leaks from the unit when it is turned off, it could be leaking from the inlet hose.

   If this is not the source of the leak, a service technician will need to service the product.

   Turn off the circuit breaker and close or turn off  the water valve that supplies water to the unit.

The leak is a few drops on the floor below the door.

1. Vent

   This can happen because of the room environment. The vent from the dishwasher is located at the bottom,

    ft corner of the door and as it vents, some amount of moisture may condense around the opening and drip to the floor.
 This may happen when the room is very cool, or after the drying process has completed.

2. Leveling

   Make certain that the unit is leveled properly. This will prevent the door from sealing properly which will result in leaking. Check the leveling vertically.(according to owner’s manual)

3. Detergent


The leak is a lot of water.

  Service is required.





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