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Drain Hose installation

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  • Last Updated 17/05/2018

 SUBJECT : Drain Hose Installation



function Function



Proper Installation of Drain Hose


■ How to connect your Drain Hose



check point Check point



 ■ If the end of drain hose does not fit to the drain line, use a rubber coupling (not supplied) that is resistant to heat and detergent.  This  

   should be available from a plumbing or hardware store.

When you connect or extend drain hose, make sure that the drain hose is not kinked.

The S trap spigot must be drilled out cleanly and free of obstruction to its maximum internal diameter, if used for drainage.






how to setup How to Setup



■  There are two typical connections



Connection to Waste spigot


Check the waste spigot when initially installing the unit. An “OE” error can occur when the waste spigot  below the sink is not drilled out properly.  Please ensure the waste spigot connection to this drain hose has been completely drilled out before connecting and securing.







■ When the drain hose is connected to a sink S trap or waste disposal unit, the hose must be looped up to the underside of the bench top and secured.







 ■ When the drain hose is connected to a separate standpipe, it is essential that an airtight connection be made.








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