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How to clean the filters of Dishwasher

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  • Last Updated 16/05/2018

SUBJECT : Cleaning the filters of dishwasher



function Function


■ How to clean the filters of dishwasher

■ Assembling the inner filter and stainless steel filter



check point Check point


■ Any food residue left inside the filter may cause bad smell. In addition, drainage may have a problem due to food residue stuck in the filters.
When assembling Stainless Steel filter, make sure that the ends are exactly assembled inwards.
When assembling, rotate it firmly until it clicks.




How to clean the filters

Caution: Be cautious of sharp edges when handling the stainless steel filter


 1. Remove the lower rack.


2. Turn the inner filter counter-clockwise and pull it out with the stainless steel filter.



3. Place the filters under the running water and clean it using a soft brush.

4. Reassemble the inner filter and the stainless steel filter and fit the filters back into the holder and secure them by turning the inner filter clockwise until it clicks.








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