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Not Drying - Dishes are dry but the walls of the tub are wet

  • Not Drying
  • Not Drying
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  • Dishwashers
  • Last Updated 17/05/2018

Subject : Dishes are dry but the walls of the tub are wet



symptom Symptom


■ Dishes are dry but the walls of the tub are wet




cause Cause


■  When the walls of the tub are wet and the dishes are dry, this is a normal condition of the environment. This happens when the tub cools faster than the dishes, allowing moisture to condense on the walls during the dry process.

These images represent the inside temperature of the tub. When the walls of the tub cool it affects the entire tub temperature, as seen in the image on the right. This will allow moisture to condense on the walls of the tub.  The last rinse before the drying process begins is the heated rinse. The unit relies on the heat retained by the dishes from the heated rinse to help evaporate the moisture from the tub. The room air will cause the walls of the tub to cool down faster, which is why moisture can condense on them. The dishes in the tub will retain the heat longer and therefore will be dry at the end of the cycle.




how to fix How to fix



■  Tip For better drying performance.


opening the door slightly after the end of the cycle can assist with increasing the drying performance.







■ Auto Open Door(AOD) feature is activate (On Some Models)


The door will open automatically at the end of a programme that includes drying in order to enhance drying performance.



• To activate or deactivate AOD feature, press and hold the Energy Saver button and the High Temp

   button simultaneously for 3 seconds.

• The AOD feature is not available when the Machine Clean and Rinse cycle is selected.

• When you select the Download Cycle, the AOD feature may operate even if the feature is deactivated.

   Because the Download Cycle is designed to achieve the best performance in a specific purpose regardless of appliance settings.

•The display shows whether the AOD feature is on or off.






















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