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Not Cleaning - White Film Residue


Subject : White Film Residue



symptom Symptom


■ White Spot  on the glass

■ White film on the glass




cause Cause


■  If the dishes or glasses have white spot or white film and are  cloudy, the main reason is hard water in water supply





how to fix How to fix


Check using softener.


Water softeners can be used to remove stains inside dishwasher. Softener settings should be adjusted according to water hardness for an effective washing.

You can check the water hardness in your area. The water utility company can help you with this.






■ Setting the Water Softening System



1) Press Power and Half Load button simultaneously.

     • Current setting value indicated.

2) Press the Delay Start button, and then set up the intended value.

     • Scope of setting value is H0 to H4.

3) Press the Start button to save the setting.

    • The power turns off after saving.

4) To refill salt, please first remove a lower rack and open a cap of the water softener

located on the left side of door.

    • If salt is refilled for the first time, insert 1.5kg of salt with 1 litter of water. Please use

    funnel when filling salt, and clean salt around water softener.








■ Check how much is rinse aid used.



1) White residue(stain) is visible on cutlery and crockery and glass.

    The reason is the amount of rinse aid may be insufficient, or the rinse aid reservoir is empty.

     So refill the rinse aid reservoir and increase the dosage level.


2) Smearing or Water streaks appears on glassware and cutlery.

The rinse aid dosage is set too high. So Reduce the Rinse aid dosage level.







Tub/dishes cleaning.


To clean the inside of the unit , you can use vinegar, citric acid, or an actual dishwasher cleaner (available at most grocery stores), Before starting your cleaning cycle, remove all dishes and silverware from the dishwasher. Only the racks should remain in the tub.


1) Using white vinegar


If you cannot find citric acid powder, pour approximately 3/4 - 1 1/4 cups (200-300 mL) of white vinegar into shallow bowl and place in upper rack. Run Auto cycle. Do not use detergent. When the cycle is finished, restart



• Excessive use of vinegar may cause damage to the dishwasher.

• Do not pour Vinegar directly into the base.





2) Using Citric Acid




Remove all dishes, cutlery basket and cutlery basket holder from appliance. Only racks should remain in tub. For best results, use citric acid powder.  (can be found in canning sections of most supermarkets or online). 

1. Measure 3 tablespoons (45g) of citric acid powder. Fill main wash compartment with measured powder. 

2. Run a Auto cycle, with Extra Hot options. Do not use detergent.







































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