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IE Error

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  • Last Updated 17/05/2018

Subject : IE Error



cause Cause



Inlet valve is lock from high water pressure. (Water supply pressure must be between 0.05~0.6MPa.)

Taps tuned off or low.

Too low water pressure.

Kinked water supply hose.

Inlet hose Filter clogged.

Frozen water in the water supply part in winter






how to fix How to fix




Recommended Pressure to reduce dishwasher inlet to is 500KPa (Standard Preset Value). This assures adequate operation     while maintaining valve below its maximum to reduce stress on the valve.

Turn the tap on full then back one turn.

If the water pressure is too low, it will be necessary for a plumber to be contacted to have this corrected.

Kinked water supply hose.

Clean inlet filter with firm brush, such as old toothbrush and re-insert into inlet valve.

Melt the frozen part by soaking a towel in warm water and  wrapping it  around the frozen part. This should allow the unit to operate.



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