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[Washing Machine] No Water Inlet or IE error

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  • Last Updated 03/06/2014


No Water Inlet or IE error




1. If the water supply hoses are reversed (hot water supply hose to cold water inlet valve, cold water

    supply hose to hot water inlet valve), water will be not supplied. The IE display error  will occur when water in the tub

    does not reach the appropriate level within 7~ 8 minutes.


2. Too High water inlet pressures will also cause the same error. if the supply water pressures at the tap exceed that of the

     machines specified limit, the inlet valve cannot open to let water in. Turning the tap down will not resoleve the problem.

    if strong water pressures are susspected, an external pressure limiting device will need to be installed at the tap. check the user manual

    for water pressure limitations.

What to check
 Check water supply hoses are connected to the correct water inlet valves.



Connect water supply hoses




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