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CIC - Top Loader - Washing Machine Troubleshooting Guide (Vibrations)

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  • Last Updated 23/11/2016

Top Loader - Washing Machine Troubleshooting Guide (Vibrations)

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  1. Not remove packing
  2. Imbalanced load
  3. Installation
  4. Levelling

1. Packing Material

Please look beneath the unit to make sure there is no packing material, such as the tub support. Packing material is located at the base of the unit. This packing material protects the unit during transport. This packing material must be removed prior to operation. If  not removed, the unit will not make solid contact with the floor, thus resulting in vibrations.(It doesn’t have shipping blot), Especially , Make sure the plastic tub support comes off with the base and is not stuck to the bottom of the washer.

2. Imbalanced load

Error code - 'uE' or 'UE'

In Top Load Washers, vibrations(Hitting/Knocking/Banging cabinet) are most often the result unbalanced load.  This is usually easily resolved without the need for service. If load placed one side on the tub, it makes unbalance spin.
Kind of different load like blanket and normal load or Small load less then around 2kg, it is easy to cause unbalance load. 

  • Rearrange - Open the lid, and rearrange clothes or untangle clothes

  • Horizontal setting - Open the lid, and check the washer is correctly levelled by looking down from the top.

  • . Adjusting legs. - Lift up the front of the washer and adjusting level by turning the adjustable legs clockwise.

3. Installation

DO NOT install below.

Drip-pan obstruct correct installation and it makes noise and vibration when spinning.

If the required installation clearances are not met, something could be knocking against the side, back or top of the unit. This causes of vibration. While it may vary, most units require 1”(2.5cm) on each side and 4”(10cm) at the back of the unit. Do not store items on top of unit, especially during operation.


4. Levelling

If the unit is not properly levelled, the unit will vibrate. The unit has four levelling feet, located at each bottom corner of the unit. Use a level to determine if the unit is properly levelled.

Step to check if washer is levelled.


Place your right hand on the back, right corner and your left hand on the front, left corner of the unit, then attempt to rock the unit from corner to corner. Then, move your right hand to the front, right side and your left hand to the back,
left corner and attempt to rock the unit from corner to corner. 

If the unit is level, it will not rock.  However, if the unit is not level, it will rock.  If the unit rocks, it will be necessary to adjust the levelling feet of the unit. Adjust the foot under the hand that is on the front of the machine.

Using leveller below.

Levelling the feet under the washer.

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