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Scrud (Brown Stains on Clothes)

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  • Last Updated 29/05/2019

What is Scrud?

     Scrud is the name given to the waxy build up that can occur within any washer when the Fabric softener comes into contact with detergent. This build up is not brought about by a fault in the machine. If Scrud is allowed to build up in the machine it can result in stains on the clothes and an unpleasant smell in the washer.

Causes of Scrud

  • Soap flakes, when added to cold water undiluted, form soap dregs which adhere to the bowl and also add to the composition of Scrud.


  • The composition of Scrud is also accelerated by the use of cold water washes. This occurs when undiluted soap powder comes into contact with fabric softener which remains thick in consistency during dispensing and gathers with the undiluted soap powder.


  • The chemical reaction between the two agents causes the slimey substance to form and adhere itself to the surfaces that are not subjected to the washing action of the clothes.

Sample of Scruds on the Clothes




How to Eliminate Scrud?

See two options on eliminating scrud.

  • Dissolve 2-3 Dishwasher Tablets in a bucket of hot water - once dissolved pour the water directly into the bowl, close the door/lid and set the longest hottest cycle your machine has.
  • Add 2 x 75g canisters of Citric Acid directly into the bowl, close the door/lid and set the longest hottest cycle your machine has.

Note: For both of these options do not add Washing Detergent, Fabric Softener, clothing or any other wash additives. This should then be followed by a normal hot wash with no detergent to cleanseany residual Scrud.


In regards to how to set the longest hottest cycles of a machine:

* Front Loaders

Generally a Cotton 95C cycle, increasing the number of Rinses and enabling Medic Rinse/Allergy Care where possible.

* Top Loaders

Generally a Jeans cycle, selecting Hot water, increasing the length of the Wash period, increasing the number of rinses and Water Level setting to 10.


Note: If Scrud is still evident, then repeat the procedure twice. Stubborn formation of Scrud will have to be removed by an Authorised Service Provider.


Before and After Cleaning Excessive Scrud

Before cleaning

  Inner Tub           Outer Tub      



   After cleaning

 Inner Tub                         Outer Tub


How to Prevent Scrud?


  • Avoid Overloading (Items should never be pushed down inside the bowl just so more can fit in)
  • Wash using at least Warm water (40-60C) - IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure Care Instructions on items are strictly followed
  • Ensure not to use excess Washing Detergent - modern Washing Detergents are super concentrate and generally do not require full scoops
  • Fabric Softener contributes greatly to Scrud – when using Fabric Softener they will need to regularly complete maintenance as outlined below.

**Run an empty long hot cycle through to clean out the machine. Depending on wash usage it may need to do this anywhere from once a month to once every 3 months.

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