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Issues With The Outside of the Washing Machine

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  • Last Updated 09/09/2019

The following are issues you may notice or encounter with the outside of your washer:

If there are dents from the outside in on your washer, this indicates an impact to the unit from an external source. Depending on the location of the dent, the part may be able to be replaced:

Top or Front Plate: Part can be replaced.

Side or Back: The two sides and back are welded to the base of the unit. As a result, neither the sides nor the back of the unit can be replaced.

If there are dents from the inside out on your washer, this usually indicates that the drum has hit the cabinet during operation. This is most likely to happen if there is a failure of the suspension system of the unit. Also, it is important that the shipping bolts have been removed.

Dispenser Area:This is usually the result of detergent residue that is not wiped clean. The detergent can erode the finish if not cleaned immediately. When filling the dispenser, be sure not to overfill or spill the detergent or other additives. The dispenser area should only be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.

Door: This is usually the result of a leak from the door or improper maintenance. If the gasket is torn, service will be required. If the gasket is not torn, there may be residue on the door and/or gasket that is preventing a proper seal and allowing water to seep from the door. The door and seal should be wiped dry after each cycle.

Drain Pump: Check for leaking from the manual drain hose and drain pump filter. The drain pump filter should be cleaned at least once a month. It should be put back in place appropriately to ensure a water tight seal. If water leaks from this area, the additives in the water may cause erosion to the washer’s finish.

Top Plate: This is usually the result of detergent or other additives being spilled on the top plate. Detergent and other additives will erode the finish of the washer. Any spills should be wiped up immediately and the area cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth.

Your unit may appear discolored compared to your dryer for multiple reasons:

If the washer and dryer are not matching models, they may not use the same shade of color. For example, there are two shades of white used for laundry products.

If the units were purchased as a floor model, they could be faded or discolored from light or sun exposure.

The unit may appear discolored due to the lighting in the room. If the light is reflecting differently on the units because it is not centered over the appliances, one could look brighter or darker than the other. This is not a problem with the unit, but a result in the difference of light exposure to the unit.

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