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[LG monitor] Are you curious about how to view USB photos and videos continuously?


➔ You can view photographs continuously using the Slide menu.
A still image will go into the Screen Saver mode to protect the screen.

➔ Videos can be replayed continuously by enabling Repeat.

  • If a still image from a USB is displayed for a while, the monitor screen will turn off.
    → This is intended to prevent stains from occurring on the monitor screen after the same image or frame is displayed for a specific time.
  • Monitors of LG and other manufacturers have the same functionality.
    LG monitors can be set to turn off after 5 minutes or that time can be adjusted by 1 minute margins.
  • If a user pauses replaying images or videos from a USB that is connected to the monitor, the monitor is designed to automatically disable Pause and go back to the list of videos or images.
    If no action is made on the monitor or from the PC for 1 minute, USB input mode is disabled (switching to the “No Signal” mode) and the user becomes able to select the input mode.

Causes and Symptoms

  • Replaying videos or photographs from a USB will change or halt the screen.
  • Due to screen stain protection, the screen cannot keep displaying the same image and the display mode will switch to another.
  • Unable to keep the photo still.

Try this

You can keep playing videos by enabling Repeat.

➔ How to enable Repeat playing video while you are using My Media

1. From your remote control, press the Home button and select the menu My Media using the arrow keys.

How to access my media with the home button on the remote control

2. Select [Options] → [Set Video Play].

Select [Options] → [Set Video Play].

3. Select [Repeat] → [On].

Select [Repeat] → [On].

4. Select All Files from My Media.

5. From the All Files menu, select the videos that you want to watch.

How to view photos while using My Media

1. Press the Home button and use the arrow keys to select My Media.

2. Select All Files from My Media.

3. From All Files, select and view photos.

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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