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How can I add certain channels to "bookmark list"?

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  • Last Updated 01/07/2016

How can I add certain channels to "bookmark list"?


Register channels you frequently watch as favorite channels to change them easily.
※ This doesn’t support set-top box channels.

 How to fix

Before 2011 TV

2012~2013 smart TV
[Smart] or [Setting menu] → [Channel] → [Channel edit]
1. Go to channel edit and select the channel you want to register as favorite channel.

2. When channel selection is completed, click on [register as favorite channel] at the bottom right corner.
(If you’re using a conventional button-typed remote control, press “favorite channel” button.)

3. Choose the group where the selected channels belong to. (Group A~D)

4. When favorite channel registration is completed, ★ appears on the right side of the relevant channel number.

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