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My Washer does not dispense the detergent even though it washes, What can i do?

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  • Last Updated 08/08/2013

There are some circumstances where the washer will fill with water, but not dispense the detergent when it washes.


This happens when the water volume flowing from the inlet valve is restricted, not enough to create an IE error, but enough to not dispense.


There are two possibilities;


1/ The tap is turned down to low and restricting the water volume

2/ The valve is failing and not opening correctly to allow enough water to flow.


Below is some images depicting this issue.


From the above image, it can be seen the water should flow from ALL the water ports. When the water VOLUME is too low, it it does not fill the spray chamber and reach all the way to the front of the draw to wash out the detergent. It only reaches part way up, and more often leaves most of the powder and it becomes clumped and hard as small amounts of water splash onto the detergent and ruins it.


The first thing to do is to check that the supply taps are turned fully on, then check once more to see if this has rectified the issue. If the detergent is still not dispensing correctly with the taps fully on (or if they were already fully on) then please contact LG Customer care on 1300 LG CARE (1300 54 2273) in Australia and 0800 LG CARE (0800 54 2273) in New Zealand to arrange an Approved Service Centre to attend and repair the washer.

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