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[Washing Machine] OE Error 2

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  • Last Updated 03/06/2014


OE Error 2.


 Cannot drain if the coin trap filter of the drain pump is clogged.

 Regular cleaning is necessary in order to avoid laundry residue being accumulated inside the filter.

How to clean the drain filter (coin trap)

 (When cleaning drain filter, a lot of water can flow onto the floor. Be careful with this if you have solid wood floor) 

prepare a pan to capture the remaining water from the filter drain tube.

 - ① You will see the filter drain tube when you open the lower drain cover which can be located on either the lower left or right hand side of the front panel (depending on the model)

   ② gently remove the small drain tube and remove the stopper allowing the residual water to drain into the pan. Up to 2 liters can flow from the tube. Do not push the small black drain

        tube back into the machine. When no more water flows from the tube, Turn the drain filter cap counterclockwise and unscrew until it is removed.

       Then remove any foreign material from the filter and the chamber that the filter fits into. 

   ③ Refit the filter into the chamber and turn the cap clockwise until it is secure. be sure not to cross thread the cap when refitting.

        Also ensure that the cap is refitted to the small black drain tube before securing it to its holder.

       Check for water leaks when next operating the washer before placing the cover back into position.





 ① Open the cover by coin or finger
Remove the hose cap of the drain tube and drain off water
Turn the filter cap counterclockwise to remove the coin trap filter

 ④ Remove foreign material and wash filter in the running water
 ⑤ Refit and secure the filter cap
 and re fit the cap to the drain tube.




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