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[Washing Machine] DE Error

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  • Last Updated 03/06/2014


DE Error



 Will be displayed if a lid or door is bent, or does not close well.  

 Also, if the rubber door seal on front loaders is damaged, the door may not close well, and this can cause the error.

 Try not to damage door latch. If the door has sagged or dropped downward, slightly lift the door upward, and close it.

 Once the lid or door is correctly closed, your machine will resume operation. 

 If no change is made even after you firmly close the lid 2-3 times, clean the surroundings of the rubber door seal

 and close the door again.

 If still no change is made, the machine must be inspected by an authorised Service technician.




※ How to clean door seal



Clean the area around the door seal



Clean the door seal area around the door glass



[door seal]




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