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    How to setup Universal Control on your LG TV Magic Remote
    You can use your LG TV magic remote to control other compatible devices in yourhome. You don't need to keep multiple remote controls for your setup box, hometheater or soundbar. Use any of the options below to program your LG TV magicremote...
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    LG SmartShare / Screen Share / Screen Mirror / Apple Airplay - iOS Device to LG Smart TV
    LG TVs are equipped with innovative features that make it easy to share screenand display content between your external devices like your PC, tablet,smartphone and more. There are multiple ways to connect and they all depend onyour network ...
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    [LG TV Subtitles] How can I enable closed captioning?
    You can use closed captioning in channels or programs that support the function.Try this--------➔ To enable captions, you can follow the steps below * If you are using an indoor/outdoor antenna or a wired broadcasting antenna directly conne...
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    No subtitle when watching video through USB
    No subtitle when watching video through USB. How to fix1. Make sure that the video file and its subtitle are in the same folder.2.Check if they have the same file Video file : LGTV.AVI Caption file: LGTV.SMI3. If the file name is ...
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    How to re-pair LG TV Magic Remote [2021 LG TV remote]
    How can I re-pair LG TV Magic Remote?Shall we take a closer look?LG TV Magic Remote has been renewed in 2021. I will explain youabout the changes made and how to re-pair the remote control with LG TV.Try this.Changes made for 2021 LG Magic ...
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    No audio when connecting PC through HDMI.
    No audio when connecting PC through HDMI.SymptomTV has no sound when connecting to PC through HDMI.CauseWhen connecting TV to PC through HDMI and the sound comes out from PC speakers,you need to configure the sound settings at Windows Contr...
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Game App

You can enjoy more games by downloading them to an external device(USB memory, HDD). Use the links below to download.
NOTICE : Please prepare a USB memory or HDD to save Game App. files.

  • Bobble Pong

    Match three or more consecutive bubbles of the same color using the arrow.
    The matching bubbles will pop and your scores will rise.

  • Monster World

    Get various items while avoiding monsters and pumpkins.
    Once you remove all monsters you can proceed to the next stage for more items!

  • Valentine

    Match chocolate pieces by following each recipe to make it complete.

  • Run & Dash

    Collect gold coins by avoiding obstacles and holes.
    Challenge the best records on each stage.

  • Jump Jump

    Keep jumping without falling.
    If you collect more combos, you can jump higher.