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    Scrud (Brown Stains on Clothes)
    What is Scrud? Scrud is the name given to the waxy build up that can occur within anywasher when the Fabric softener comes into contact with detergent. This build upis not brought about by a fault in the machine. If Scrud is allowed to buil...
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    What do I need to do when moving my Washer?
    The following is from the user manual;From the Highlighted point it can be seen that when transporting the unit is ismandatory to re-install the transit bolts to prevent internal damage to theunit. Re-install the transit bolts in reverse or...
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    Clothes smell after washing - Front Load Washer
    When your clothes come out with bad odor after a washing and drying cycle, yourunit's drum may be dirty and needs proper cleaning maintenance. Follow the stepsbelow to resolve the issue. 1. Proper detergent & additive usage If too much dete...
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    Smart Diagnosis - Washing Machine
    LG Washers are equipped with all of the latest innovations, even when it comesto troubleshooting. Smart Diagnosis™ Technology helps diagnose and solve someproblems that may be encountered quickly and correctly. The Smart Diagnosisfeature is...
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    LG Front Load Washing Machine - Shipping Materials & Vibration
    Show Script[#][Title]LG Front Load Washing Machine - Shipping Materials & Vibration[Narrator] * Welcome to a LG support video. * Here we will discuss possible ways to reduce vibration in your LG front load washing machine. * If your machine...
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    [ThinQ] Does my LG product support 5Ghz Wi-Fi via router?
    How to Use LG ThinQ■ 5GHz Wi-Fi not supported - LG products and ThinQ app only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency band viarouter. (Supports only 2.4GHz frequency for wireless network)* Does not support 5GHz wireless frequency band
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