18000 btu Cool | Dual Inverter | 4-ways Fin


18000 btu Cool | Dual Inverter | 4-ways Fin

Front view
Power Mode

Non-Stop high performance cooling

Thanks to the Power Mode1) with auto swing, you can enjoy cooling performance without time limitations, at temperatures as low as 16℃.

Icon marked with 16 degrees

Temperatures as low as 16℃

Expression of wind swinging up and down

Auto swing to expand the air flow

infinity icon

Non stop operation power mode

Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™


LG's Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™ that works even at 65℃ with the 10-year warranty on the compressor, users can enjoy the benefits of LG air conditioner for a longer period of time

Anti Dust Gold Fin™ 2)

Advanced long lasting performance


Enjoy long lasting performance with corrosion-preventive gold coating and upgraded fin technology verified from TUV

Good work goes unnoticed

Don't get disturbed and sleep soundly with an air conditioner that makes less noise.

A woman lounges on a couch in a living room with the LG air conditioner installed above her on the wall. Blue streams of air are on the image to indicate it is on and cooling the room.

*According to LG internal testing, LG DUAL Inverter air conditioner(V10API) is less than 19dBA. Making less noise than LG non-inverter air conditioner (S3-CO9TZCAA)

Deep Sleep

Press a button, get a good night’s sleep

Deep Sleep mode automatically adjusts air temperature, flow and direction for a comfortable, natural night's sleep.

*This function can be switched on or off via remote control

*It continues to operate before the customer deactivates this function

An LG air conditioner is hanging at the top center of the image. Beneath it are two images, one image shows a hot beach scene and the other shows a snowy mountain scene. Air blows out of the air conditioner with cool blue air on the beach scene and warm red air across the snowy scene.

Fast, powerful cooling and heating

Stay comfortable all year long, even in extreme climate, with our DUAL Inverter Compressor.



1)Power Mode

-This function can be turned on or off via remote control

-Once switched on, this function continues to operate until the customer deactivates it.

-TÜV Rheinland Korea confirm that the Power mode of LG air conditioners provides higher cooling speed performance than Jet mode, based on test results in Report No. KR24FS1L 001, which provided a comparison of cooling speeds between the two operation modes of the air conditioner.

Test date: 2024.02.06 ~ 2024.02.07

Location of test: LG air conditioner test chamber

Test institution: TÜV Rheinland

Test model: S4NQ18K23BC, S4UQ18K23BC (Power mode) / S4NQ18K23BB, S4UQ18K23BB (Jet mode)

Test environment: 64.8㎥ (6.0m x 4.5m x 2.4m) / Indoor DB (33 ± 0.3)°C, RH (60 ± 5)% / outdoor DB(35 ± 0.3)°C, RH(60 ± 5)%

Test method: After 2 hours of operation, cooling speed is measured by comparing the temperatures reached in Power mode and Jet mode, respectively.

Test result: Power, the cooling mode of the S4NQ18K23BC and S4UQ18K23BC models, has been verified by TÜV to provide 45% faster cooling performance than Jet mode of the S4NQ18K23BB and S4UQ18K23BB models.

-Depending on installation and usage environment, product performance may vary.

-Excessive cooling operation may increase power usage.


2)Anti-Dust Gold Fin™

-TUV has verified that the cooling performance of the Anti-Dust Gold Fin improved by 42% compared to conventional models after 4 years of use.

-Test date: 2021.01 LG air conditioner testing chamber, TUV Observed test

-Test model: I23TTB(S4-Q18K232C) 14FPI Wide Louver(Anti-Dust Gold Fin), I23TTB 18 FPI Louver(Conventional)

-Test conditions: T3 conditions, , Indoor DB(29±0.3)℃/ WB(19±0.3), Outdoor DB(46±0.3)℃/ WB(24±0.3)℃/ 22℃ setting on cooling mode

-Applicant’s test method with referenced to ISO 5151: 2017, Cl.5.1

Conducted a performance comparison after blocking the condenser, considering the dust accumulation over a usage period of 4 years.

-TUV Test Report: KR21SLNY-001

-Depending on installation and usage environment, product performance may vary.

Key Spec

  • Cooling Capacity Max(W)


  • Ionizer


All Spec


  • Cooling Capacity Max(W)


  • Indoor Unit Dimension_WxHxD(mm)

    998 x 345 x 210

  • Indoor Unit Weight(kg)


  • Outdoor Unit Dimension_WxHxD(mm)

    870 x 650 x 330

  • Outdoor Unit Weight(kg)


  • Rated Input Voltage(V, Hz)

    220240, 50/60

  • Refrigerant Type


  • Sound Power(Cooling) SH/H/M/L/SL(dB(A))

    - / 46 / 42 / 37 / 28


  • 4way



  • Ionizer



  • Low Noise


  • Smart Diagnosis


  • Tropical Night Comfort Sleep



  • Auto Cleaning


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