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Before troubleshooting can be started, you must first determine whether an external audio device such as a home theater system is being used for audio or jus the TV speakers.

Note: Most new LG Televisions do not have the analog audio (Red/White) outputs.

Using a Home Theater System as audio output:

Connect the Cables Securely

If using an optical cable from the TV to the home theater system/receiver, ensure the cable is connected securely into the back of both the TV and the other device. The optical cable should illuminate red on the tip of the cable that connects to the external device when active. Kinked or coiled optical cables could prevent audio from passing through. Be sure the optical cable is not kinked or coiled.

Determine the type of connection being used from the external source to the TV. Remember, component or composite connections do not pass an audio signal. A red and white audio cable is necessary when using component cable

If using some type of Digital to Analog audio converter, LG cannot guarantee compatibility of these devices. It may be necessary to consult the manufacturer of the converter for additional assista

Check the Source

In order for sound to be present on the external audio device, the correct source or input needs to be selected. There should be a button labeled Input or Source on the external device. Change the source/input of the audio device according to the connection being used. If we are unable to determine how to change the input on the external audio device, it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer of that device.

Using the TV Speakers:

Perform a Sound Test

Note: A sticker on the back of the television will indicate the month and year in which it was manufactured.

2010 Models

2011+ Models

1. Press the Menu Button

1. Press the Home Button

2. Press the Red Button on the Remote

2. Select Setup, then Support

3. Select Sound Test

3. Select Sound Test from the Support Menu

4. Listen for the song to play

4. Listen for the song to play

5. Follow the on-screen instructions

5. Follow the on-screen instructions

If sound is present during the test, the speakers are working properly. Make sure the TV volume is set to a level of 25 or higher.

If sound is not present, the unit would require servic

Perform a factory reset

Press the Home/Menu button on the LG TV remote

Select Setup (2011 & 2012 Smart TV models).

Choose Option.

Select Initial Setting.

Set to Home Use upon startup.

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