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How to update Smart TV software?

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  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

 How to update Smart TV software?




1.    Update LG smart TV software



 The firmware that powers your television should be updated from time to time to enhance your experience and improve its operation.


  How to Setup:


For Smart TV you can do Automatic Update through internet, to update kindly follow below steps:


 For Netcast:      1) Select Home / SMART from TV remote control.

                              2) Then select SETTING / SETUP

                              3) Then select SUPPORT

                              4) Then press on SOFTWARE UPDATES then check for updates.






 For WebOs:      1) Select Home / SMART from TV remote control.

                             2) Then select SETTING

                             3) Then select GENERAL

                             4) Then select ABOUT TV

                             5) Then press on SOFTWARE UPDATE then check for updates.




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