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[V10] What is 32 bit Hi-Fi DAC?

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  • Last Updated 15/11/2015

What is 32 bit Hi-Fi DAC?


     A separate audio chip and amplifier work together to ensure all audio is played at a
     higher resolution, so you can enjoy high definition audio.

     ※ Disclaimer : Corded headphones required for to experience the benefits of this feature.

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 How to use

     Connect your favorite corded headphones.  Turn Hi-Fi DAC option on from Quick Settings or
     Sound & notifications menu.  Enjoy a more natural sound and a wider dynamic range.  The 
     sound has been automatically adjust to the connected audio device.

     • 32bit DAC (Up bit & sampling all audio up to 64x sampling rate)
     • Works only with wired headphones/connections
     • Part Number: ESS SABRE9018 DAC & Headphone Amp
     • Noise reduction: SNR118dB
     • Output level: 2Vrms
     • Volume stages: 75 fine volume stage (compared to 15 volume stage) ? similar to high end DAC
     • Auto low/high level volume gain control ? automatically detects ohms for        
        headphones (high or low)
     • Hi-Fi On/Off options :
     • Balance Controls


     For Quick Settings.  Scroll all the way right and tap Edit to add this option if not
     available.  Tap to enable, press and hold Hi-Fi DAC to open the settings menu.




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