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[V10] Is second screen compatible with Quick Cover case?

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  • Last Updated 15/11/2015

Is second screen compatible with Quick Cover case?


     Second screen works together with Quick Cover case.  Ensure that Quick Cover case and Second screen
     options are both enabled from their setting menu.

 How to enable

     1.  From the home screen, tap App ▶ Settings ▶ General tab (if applicable) ▶ Quick Cover case.
          Slide Quick Cover case switch to ON.

     2. Select GO TO SECOND SCREEN SETTINGS option at the bottom of the screen.  Ensure show when main       
         screen is on or off   switch are set to ON.

     When the Quick Cover case is closed see the time, date and phone status or signature.  Swipe to the 
     left to see Quick Tools (In Quick Tools; Wi-Fi, Sound/Vibration, Flashlight, and Camera).  Quick tool 
     options cannot be changed.  You can also receive or hang up incoming calls, dismiss alarm/timer, and 
     turn off the?power while cover is closed.




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