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(P700) Unused application shows up as a using program even though it is all killed. What should I do?

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013

On Android OS system, default apps keep working automatically in the background in favor of OS stability and better system performance. Such apps are displayed in the process list even after the user ends apps with the Task Killer.

1. Task Killer will end an application.

2. Services necessary for phone operation are run automatically in the background and displayed on the list, although the applications are not run (i.e. applications that need keep running).
3. When you run any functions on the phone, the service internally called will in turn call relevant process, which will be displayed on the list (i.e. applications called along for fast driving and safe program running).

4. A particular operation will automatically call relevant processes, which are showed on the list. The processes vary depending on applications. Some apps needed for background tasks will be displayed on the list even when they are ended.

When you set the Task Killer to Auto Kill the entire items, functions necessary for daily use (e.g. Kakao Talk) will be forcefully ended, causing trouble. 

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