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How can I set sound on LG G4?

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  • Last Updated 18/06/2015

How can I set sound on LG G4?




              Manage alerts, notifications, and vibration from the sound settings screen.

              To access sound settings: from the Home Screen, tap Apps  > Settings  > Sound & notification tab

              Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons may differ from that of your device depending on your software version and wireless

                         service provider.

           1. Basic & Sound


                  ① Tap Sound profile  and select Sound or Vibrate only.

                  ② Tap Volume   to adjust volume levels for Ringtone & Notification sound, Touch feedback & system, and Musicvideo,

                       games & other media.

                       Slide icon to adjust the volume for each setting. Tap OK to set.

                  ③ Tap Ringtone  and select a new ringtone from the list by tapping the ringtone name. Tap OK to set the ringtone OR

                       tap the Plus icon  at the top right of the screen and tap the song title to select and set as your ringtone. Only compatible files will display.

                  ④ Tap Ringtone ID  then tap the switch  on to hear incoming calls with ringtones composed automatically from their phone number.

                       For numbers with no Ringtone ID, current ringtone in use will sound. Tap Compose ringtones for and select from Everyone, Contacts,

                       or Favorites.


           2. Vibration

                  ① Tap Vibration strength   to adjust vibration levels for Incoming call & notification and  Vibrate on tap.

                       Slide icon to adjust the volume for each setting. Tap OK to set.

                  ② Checkmark  Sound with vibration  to enable the device to vibrate with a sound, e.g. incoming call ringtone.

                  ③ Tap Vibration Type  and tap to select from the available options. When finished tap OK to apply changes.


           3. Notifications


                  ① To change your notifications settings, tap Interruptions   

                      - Calls and notifications .Select if calls and notifications can interrupt. Choose between:

                            a. All interruptions – all interruptions will come through.

                            b. Priority only – only allows priority interruptions. When you turn this on you’ll see the star icon in your status bar.

                            c. No interruptions – turn off all interruptions, includes your Alarm sounds when enabled.

                      - Priority only: specify the events are considered priority interrupts. When an option is checked this means you will get notifications

                                                  for these options.

                      - Downtime: set a time and day of the week to have no calls and notifications interrupt even when set to All interruptions.

                  ② Tap Lock screen  and choose from the Show all notifications, Hide all notifications, or Hide sensitive only.

                       Note: Hide sensitive only option not available with None or Swipe lock screen.

                  ③ Tap Apps  scroll up or down and select an application. Place a checkmark   in None to show no notifications from this app or

                       place a checkmark   in Priority to show notifications from this app on top of others and notify when interruptions option is set to Priority

                       or All. Press Back key  or Home key   to exit.

                  ④ Tap Notification LED  , then tap the switch  ON to enable LED notifications.  Place a checkmark   next to each option

                       to enable.


           4. Advanced Settings

                  ① Tap Notification sound and select a new sound from the list by tapping the sound name.

                       Tap OK to set the ringtone OR tap the Plus icon  at the top right of the screen and tap the file to select and set as your notification

                       sound. Only compatible files will display.

                  ② Checkmark  Vibrate on tap to set vibrate when tapping the Home touch buttons and during other UI interactions.

                  ③ Tap Sound effects and checkmark the following:

                       - Dialpad touch tones: Play tones when using dialpad.

                       - Touch sounds: Play sound when making screen selection.

                       - Screen lock sound: Play sound when locking and unlocking the screen.

                  ④ Tap Message/call voice notifications to announce incoming calls and messages out loud. Turn the switch  ON to enable.


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