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Why does the refrigerator has bad smell?

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  • Last Updated 27/05/2015

Why does the refrigerator has bad smell?



·         The refrigerator has smell.


1.    In the new unit plastic smell will be the reason of this issue.

2.    If you left the unit long time without open so the food will be expired in it.

3.    Check if you put the food without cover.

4.    Also if you put food incorrect place so it might be affect in the unit.

5.    The back side of the refrigerator is close to wall.


 How to fix

1.    If it is a plastic smell you need to leave the unit between 6-8 hours with open door to allow the smell to escape from the unit, and also put 2 pieces of coal for 48 hours.

2.    Check if there is expired food inside the REF so the smell will appeared, you need to remove all foods, then un-freeze the ice from it.

3.    Check if you put the food without cover so the smell will be there so you need to cover all food.

4.    Check the back side REF, if it is close to the wall the back cover of the Ref will produce bad smell at least 10 cm away of the wall.

5.    After that clean the unit with water & vinegar, then put a piece coal in the upper part & lower part to absorb the smell for 48 hours, then remove it.



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