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Why does front load is making black spots and bad smell?

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  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

Why does front load is making black spots and bad smell?



·         In Front load water the machine makes black spots and bad smell on the clothes.


1.    This issue might be out of the detergent accumulation in the detergent drawer.

2.    This issue might be out of the door gasket due to accumulation of detergent in the gasket.

3.    This issue might be out of the drain filter if no cleaned for long time as accumulation of dirt will cause bad smell and spots and drain hose its height is more than 100 cm.

4.    The issue might be out of the Drum itself if not cleaned for long time.


 How to fix

1.    Clean detergent drawer (press the button in the middle of the drawer to pull the drawer) put the drawer in warm water to remove detergent blocks or traces.

2.    To Clean Gasket, mix ¾ cup bleach with 1 liters of hot water and wipe with a cloth .(Do not use  straight bleach because this will damage the gasket).

3.    Leaving the door open for an hour or two will allow some moisture to evaporate and dry out, which will help prevent bad smell.

4.    Clean drain filter it might have dirt causing this smell or black spots.

5.    Make sure that drain hose is installed probably (The height is 100 cm).

6.    So we should advice customer to use HE detergent for less bubbles and more efficiency.

7.    Make Vinegar Cycle (2 cubs of Vinegar +TUB clean program OR Quick 30).






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