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Why the machine gives UE error?

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  • Last Updated 27/08/2015

Why the machine gives UE error?



·         The machine gives UE error.


1.    The machine is overloaded.

2.    The machine is loaded by small load or one single items as blankets.

3.    The machine itself is unbalanced.

 How to fix

1.    Make sure the machine isn’t overloaded.

2.    Don’t put small loads as it should be considerable amount.

3.    Don’t put single large items, you can put small piece to balance the washer drum.

4.    Don’t mix heavy and light items in the same cycle.

5.    Make sure that the machine itself is balanced by adjusting the adjustable legs of the machine.


6.  If problem still exsist, contact 800 54 for Repair Request.


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