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TV Powers On And/Or Off Intermittently

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013
TV- Intermittent Power or Powers Off/On


This type of issue usually occurs when the power cord is loose or the TV isn't receiving proper ventilation.

Check the distance between the TV and the wall/cabinet

If the unit is any closer than 4 inches, the unit could be overheating and will need to be moved forward to correct the issue.

If any of the ventilation openings of the cabinet of the TV are covered, it will not be able to release excess heat.

The TV should not be installed near any heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators, stoves, etc.

The TV should not be installed in an environment where it is exposed to a temperature that reaches more than 104°F, or more than 80% humidity.

Attempt to access the menu

If you have not disabled the power indicator light, it will be green or blue if your unit is powered on. Press the power button on the front of the TV to check.

If the device powers on, press the Menu or Home button to see if the menu appears.

If a menu does not appear, the unit will require service.

If a menu does appear, you may need to try continued troubleshooting.

Securely connect the power cable

Firmly connect the power cable to the back of the unit as well as the wall outlet/power strip.

Note: It is recommended that you connect the power cable directly to the wall, bypassing the power strip all together.

Check the On/Off/Sleep Timer

Access the Time/Clock menu to see if a timer has been set.

Disable all On/Off/Sleep Time settings to see if the issue was corrected.

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