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Image Ghosting

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013
TV- Image Ghosting


Ghosting on an image can occur in a few different a few different ways. In some cases ghosting can appear to be two if the same images slightly offset from each other, other cases ghosting can appear as a smear or trail that follows a fast moving object on the screen. Before troubleshooting you must first determine which type of Ghosting you are experiencing.

Offset/Dual Images

Connect any other device (DVD player/recorder, game system, or even VHS player) to the TV’s coaxial input. (Use a new piece of cable if possible).

If the issue doesn’t continue with the new device the cable leading from the wall to the coaxial jack on the TV may be replaced.

If the problem still persists, the home’s cable wiring could be allowing interference in on the line.

Image Trails/Smearing

Image trails or smearing can sometimes be resolved by adjusting settings on the TV, or device that you have connected to it. Here are some tips below to help you to eliminate the phenomena.

In some instances this is related to the image being up converted (up scaled) by the TV. If the device you have connected to the set is capable of HD video output make sure you have it connected properly (HDMI or Component) and set to output via in HD (You may need to contact the manufacturer of the device in order to find directions on how to do so).

Check and adjust the TV’s TruMotion setting (if the model supports it). If TruMotion has been disabled in the picture menu. Do the following to adjust the settings:

Press the Home button on the LG TV remte

Select Setup

Scroll to the Picture meny and press Enter

Use the navigational arrows to scroll to TruMotion and press Enter to adjust the settings

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