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How to update TV software manually?

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  • Last Updated 11/05/2015


How to update TV software manually?



             Update TV software manually



             The firmware that powers your television should be updated from time to time to  enhance your experience and improve its operation  


   How to setup:

     Step One:

     Check full model name of TV.


      Step Two:

  1.  Go to , and select your country

  2.  Click on “Support “

  3.  Fill your model number in search bar (ex. 47LX6500), then Click continue

  4.  Select your TV Model Number from the list, then select “manuals & Software

  5.  Click on Software file (ex. Version 00.00.00)

  6.  Click on “Download “to save on your USB in PC.

  7.  After downloaded Unzip the file.

  8.  Make a new folder on USB drive and assign this name to the folder “LG_DTV

  9.  Insert the USB drive into the USB port on your LG TV.

 10. Pop-up message will appear for update press on start for updating

 11. TV Upgrade will start and restart automatically after completed.




Do not interrupt the TV while it's loading the update from the USB drive.

Wait for it to complete the upgrade and it will restart by itself.





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