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Air Conditioner Settings and Operation

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  • Last Updated 06/12/2012

Air Conditioner Settings and Operation

What is Cool Mode?

In Cool Mode, the fan runs continuously and the compressor turns on and off only as needed to maintain the set temperature.

What is Fan Mode?

In Fan Mode, the fan runs continuously and the compressor is off.

What is Dry Mode?

Dry Mode is a function that will reduce the humidity in the room, making it more comfortable. It is good to use in the Spring and/or Fall when the temperature is not hot enough to run the cool mode, but the humidity is a little high. The fan and the sealed system will run, but the unit will not blow out cold air. As the air passes through the air conditioner, the humidity will condense on the evaporator so that the air comes out drier.

This is not intended to replace a dehumidifier or act as a dehumidifier. The capacity to dehumidify is much lower on an air conditioner than it is on a dehumidifier.

What is Energy Saver Mode?

The Energy Saver Mode is a function that is intended to decrease the energy consumption of the unit. When this mode is set, the unit will cool the room as normal. What you will notice is that when the compressor shuts off, the fan will too. While the compressor is off, the fan will turn on and off every 2-3 minutes so that it can check the temperature in the room. Once the temperature rises, the compressor will turn on with the fan and cool the room.


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