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[LG air conditioner remote control] [Portable/window] The air conditioner sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work


Try this

1Operate the remote control by pointing it at the receiver on the main body.

➔ Reception within 45 degrees to the left and right based on the receiver on the main body is available.

Image showing remote control reception angle

2Is the remote control display turned off?

➔ Operation remote control display remains off even after you press the Power button, replace the batteries.

If the display does not turn on or the screen turns on and off after replacing the batteries, the remote control is malfunctioning, so replace it.

Image of a battery replacement if the remote is out of battery

3 If the remote control display is turned on normally, check the transmitter on the remote control using your cell phone.

➔ You can check if the signal on the remote control is normal using the camera function of your cell phone. (Some models including iPhones are not supported)

If the remote control has no problem, the receiver on the main body should be checked.

Image of checking the light coming out of the remote control with the camera on the cell phone

4 Recognition is not performed well if there is a three-wavelength fluorescent lamp nearby.

➔ Check after turning off the three-wavelength fluorescent lamp.
At this time, if the remote control works well, there is no problem with the product.

Image of a fluorescent lamp interfering with the remote control's signal
Separating and storing batteries separately when you do not use the remote control for a long period of time can prevent the batteries from discharging and causing a remote control failure.
* If the remote control is not used for a long period of time with the batteries inserted, battery fluid may leak and cause a remote control failure.
Image to replace the battery of the remote control
Ex) A picture showing battery fluid leaking out
Image of Leakage from Remote Control

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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