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Can underground water used for a water purifier? (Filter type varies by model)

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  • Last Updated 20/05/2015

Can underground water used for a water purifier? (Filter type varies by model)




Symptom Symptom 


             1. Can I use underground water for a water purifier?






Checkpoint Checkpoint


             1. The water purifier is designed to filtrate tap water.


             2. Please do not use underground water as it can cause a filter blockage or malfunction.






Explanation on filter types Filter types



                         Filter types

            1. 1st step: Sediment filter 

- The filter removes organic matters, rust flakes, and contaminants in water to protect parts such as a tap water valve.



            2. 2nd  step : Pre-carbon block filter 

                - Activated carbon is manufactured by burning coconut shells.

                  The filter removes residual chlorine and volatile organic compounds.



            3. 3rd step: UF membrane filter


                - The filter filtrates bacteria and microorganism of 0.2 micrometers and allows minerals to pass.



            4. 4th step : Post-carbon block filter


                -The filter is equipped with high-performing activated carbon that is effective for removing volatile organic compounds.
                  It also helps to remove odor and enhance taste of water.

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