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What should I do if nothing appears on display?

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  • Last Updated 12/05/2015

What should I do if nothing appears on display?






Symptom Symptom


             1. Product displays nothing.








Checkpoint Checkpoint


             1. It is normal if display can be turned on.








Cause Cause


             1. When the unit is not used for five minutes after it is plugged, display will be turned off. 

                 Energy Saving is activated to save power consumption.


                         Energy Saving

                            Lighting and display will turn off automatically if the product is not used for five minutes to save energy costs.


                          How to set

                            •  ON : Press Cancel/Energy Saving when the feature is not activated.


                                        When the unit is left not used for five minutes with a door open or closed,

                                        lighting and display will automatically turn off .



                           •  OFF: Open a door or press any button to deactivate Energy Saving and start cooking.







How to fix How to fix

             1. Press
any button or open and close the door to deactivate the feature.


                 If display does not turn on when a button is pressed, contact the service center for technical assistance.


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