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How to fix when no picture is displayed on the screen

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  • Last Updated 19/06/2016

How to fix when no picture is displayed on the screen


No picture is displayed at all



No picture will be displayed if it is not connected properly to external devices or if it can’t receive signal.


How to fix

 ① Check if the lens is covered.
 ② Check if the cables are connected properly to projector, PC, and DVD.
 ③ See if there is correct signal by pushing input select button of remote control or regulator.

※ Things to check

① Check if it is covered with dust cap (lens cover).   
             Slide type
                                   removable type


② Check if the cable is connected to projector, PC and DVD correctly.

Computer cable               HDMI cable            Video cable

RGB input terminal      HDMI input terminal   Video input terminal

③  Check the signal of input select button on the remote control or control panel.

If you can’t connect to PC, check if PC output cable is connected to RBG IN terminal of the projector correctly.
There are some models that have RGB OUT, so check if you have connected it to RBG OUT.  
     You must connect the cable to RGB IN.

Check on the PC if  video display settings(computer only, duplicate, extend) is correct.

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