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[Wahsing Machine]CL error (Front Loading Washer, Top Loading Washer)

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  • Last Updated 03/02/2015
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1. The appearance of the ‘CL’ message on the front display panel is not an error but a function to prevent children from operating the buttons by accident. 2. Press the Power button to turn your washer on. 3. Check if the ‘CL/Lock’ image appears on the front display panel. If ‘CL’ appears, the lock function is engaged and none of the buttons except the Power button will work. 4. If this happens, press and hold the *CHILD LOCK button for about 3 seconds or simultaneously press the two buttons with the Lock image on them for about 3 seconds. The lock display will disappear and the lock function will be disabled.

CL error (Front Loading Washer, Top Loading Washer)
 – Buttons don’t work when I press them.

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