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[Washing Machine]The washer won’t run the spin cycle and the time doesn’t change.

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  • Last Updated 03/02/2015
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1. If the washer drum is slowly rotating while in the spin cycle, with the time remaining unchanged, this is normal. 2. Press the Start/Pause button to pause the spin cycle. 3. Check the following: 4. Did you load a large item such as a blanket, comforter or carpet? Loading large items may unbalance the load, preventing the spin cycle from starting. 5. Did you load large washing bags, dolls, or pillows in the spin cycle? If so, the load may get tangled onto one side and the spin cycle may not start. 6. If this happens, pause the washer, open the door and redistribute the laundry evenly before you resume the spin cycle.

The washer won’t run the spin cycle and the time doesn’t change.
(Front Loading Washer)

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